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Thats so… wow!!

When we moved the Isle of Dee project from DEE (rip) to Zebre…I thought , LL had simply deleted our entry in the Destination guide. We have been listed under roleplaying communities those days….shame on me , for thinking ill of Linden Labs Destination Guide editors; see what they did instead !

Today – a bit late, right? – I figured out, my prayers have been heard and responded to..
The editors not only corrected the SURL, they moved Isle of Dee to a new category.
We now are listed under “Popular Places” !

Isle of Dee

Are you looking to start an adventure on a beautiful medieval fantasy sim? Check out Isle of Dee, a land with many curiosities and creatures. Isle of Dee is a free forum that welcomes all races. For more information visit

Visit in Second Life

Thank you!


[ PS: the picture wakes old memories :) Anyone an idea who is shown? Is that maybe Rhea, the vintners wife there in the brown gown? But who is the other one.  ]
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Hunting is aMAZE-ing!

blogged about our Easter Maze !

“Hunts are springing up everywhere with the Easter Holiday here!
Most of the hunts are for Easter themed items, but the 2 hunts I am
presenting to you today are “Roleplay” items!”

Read the whole article here:  Hunting is aMAZE-ing!.

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Isle Of Dee – Easter Maze

15th April- 30th April 2014

A Girl Sits In A Magical Garden. So Do You.
Where Are You? Who Is She?
Collect The Prizes And Hints…
For A Final Escape.

Read every sign, click every thing.
Enjoy your stay!

Isle of Dee Easter Maze

From the landing take the Egg-Balloon to the maze
SLurl to starting location:


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Medieval Fantasy Fair III

Try not to get lost and best have a torch and a crucifix with you when you leave the dark castle. Guarded and watched by Card soldiers, you enter a maze of dark paths lined with fifty stores full of formidable wares. Be scared and cautious all along the way, and be sure to have seen all fantastic and blood-curdling scenes and secrets.
Your mission : search for the black roses that , so the legend say, contain wondrously gifts.

50 stores of the medieval – fantasy theme await you with their wares,
44 Stores have a black rose hidden for you with extra prizes.
Some Merchants have gacha machines direct at the landing area.


Medieval Fantasy Fair III.

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Get More Out Of Your Injuries

A wonderful Patient’s Guide to Medical Roleplay , by Martin J.G. “Marty” Cai (CaiMartinJG):  

Happy reading and happy suffering :)

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A special nice view on the Elven village

Snapshot_034 by Rowan Thorne
Snapshot_034, a photo by Rowan Thorne on Flickr.

by Rowan:)

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Zebre – Isle of Dee

Originally posted on Goodnight Photography:

These 11 shots are from Zebre, home to the Isle of Dee, a very elaborate Celtic Roleplay sim.  I was very impressed with the detail of the sim as well as the informational signs that they have in the landing area.  They welcome guests to observe and only ask that you wear clothes from the period (which they provide freebies as well) and follow some simple rules (which consist mainly of common courtesy.)  They have a blog dedicated to their sim and the adventure that it involves.  It can be located conveniently by clicking this link:    Isle Of Dee – True Medieval Roleplay in SL .

I have not partaken in any roleplay activities but this one did intrigue me.  If you are looking for Celtic Roleplay set in the 1400′s or just want to check out a beautiful build, I would put this on your list.

I hope…

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