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Eggs over Eggs !

The (winged) Easter Bunny has come to the Isle & dropped many many eggs down in the easter maze  !

About time to collect them !

The Prices are sponsored by:
Kyra Reiter, {WB} Wishbringer
Alrunia Ahn, Lilith’s Den
Bakki Beeswing, Fable Workshop
Bambi Chicque, BamPu Legacies
Cyneswith Luik, ~SWAN~
Eldowyn Inshan, *UI* United Inshcon
Kittycat Ninetails, Kittycat’s Creations
Silverfox Rainbow, Virtual Ryukyu
Susan Independent , *IO* Independent Objects
Xiue Yalin, *~rayheart~*

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Thats so… wow!!

When we moved the Isle of Dee project from DEE (rip) to Zebre…I thought , LL had simply deleted our entry in the Destination guide. We have been listed under roleplaying communities those days….shame on me , for thinking ill of Linden Labs Destination Guide editors; see what they did instead !

Today – a bit late, right? – I figured out, my prayers have been heard and responded to..
The editors not only corrected the SURL, they moved Isle of Dee to a new category.
We now are listed under “Popular Places” !

Isle of Dee

Are you looking to start an adventure on a beautiful medieval fantasy sim? Check out Isle of Dee, a land with many curiosities and creatures. Isle of Dee is a free forum that welcomes all races. For more information visit

Visit in Second Life

Thank you!


[ PS: the picture wakes old memories :) Anyone an idea who is shown? Is that maybe Rhea, the vintners wife there in the brown gown? But who is the other one.  ]
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Hunting is aMAZE-ing!

blogged about our Easter Maze !

“Hunts are springing up everywhere with the Easter Holiday here!
Most of the hunts are for Easter themed items, but the 2 hunts I am
presenting to you today are “Roleplay” items!”

Read the whole article here:  Hunting is aMAZE-ing!.

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Isle Of Dee – Easter Maze

15th April- 30th April 2014

A Girl Sits In A Magical Garden. So Do You.
Where Are You? Who Is She?
Collect The Prizes And Hints…
For A Final Escape.

Read every sign, click every thing.
Enjoy your stay!

Isle of Dee Easter Maze

From the landing take the Egg-Balloon to the maze
SLurl to starting location:


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Medieval Fantasy Fair III

Try not to get lost and best have a torch and a crucifix with you when you leave the dark castle. Guarded and watched by Card soldiers, you enter a maze of dark paths lined with fifty stores full of formidable wares. Be scared and cautious all along the way, and be sure to have seen all fantastic and blood-curdling scenes and secrets.
Your mission : search for the black roses that , so the legend say, contain wondrously gifts.

50 stores of the medieval – fantasy theme await you with their wares,
44 Stores have a black rose hidden for you with extra prizes.
Some Merchants have gacha machines direct at the landing area.


Medieval Fantasy Fair III.

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Get More Out Of Your Injuries

A wonderful Patient’s Guide to Medical Roleplay , by Martin J.G. “Marty” Cai (CaiMartinJG):  

Happy reading and happy suffering :)

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A special nice view on the Elven village

Snapshot_034 by Rowan Thorne
Snapshot_034, a photo by Rowan Thorne on Flickr.

by Rowan:)

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